Welcome to the new Public Notice Placement Solution!

A platform created to help you with the placement of public notices to be published in your local newspaper.
Designed for newspapers and state wide public notice websites. Brought to you by the following Associations: Alabama Press Association, Georgia Press Association, Hoosier Press Association, Illinois Press Association, Massachusetts Newspaper Publisher Association, Minnesota Newspaper Association, Mississippi Press Association, Missouri Press Association, Nebraska Press Association, Nevada Press Association, New Jersey Press Association, North Carolina Press Association, Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, South Carolina Press Association, Tennessee Press Association, Utah Press Association, Virginia Press Association and Washington Newspaper Publishers Association.

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    If you are a newspaper; contact us to get signed up.

    All newspapers qualify to use our services.
    Save your employees time and resources by automating much of your current processes.

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    Public Users - Sign up today using the link on your newspaper website.
    Contact your local newspaper to get credentials and ask they sign up to start saving time today! 
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    There are no 'platform fees' charged to public users for utilizing our services!
    Others increase your charge for their services.

How it works...

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