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Sharing has never been so easy

 These are the four easy steps :


Downbload the free app from App Store or Google Play

Find your space

Find a space close to you and place items inside

Give access

Give access to your space through the mobile app


Share whatever is inside your space with others

Download the Place It app and start sharing


Create your personal user and connect with your friends or sharing partners through their email address.

After finding a space and depositing your items inside, it will show up in the “Your Places” section.

From there, you are only one click away from sharing things with your friends.


Our Mission

Sharing is many things. It’s helping each other, sharing resources, time and cost of solving problems – while sharing the joy of accomplishment and new experiences. Therefore, sharing also means to work together, to engage with people around and to find value in collaboration.


However, sharing isn’t always easy. While cloud solutions have helped us to share information and data digitally every day, sharing items and utilities still requires dedication and trust of individuals. Barriers are impediments towards close interactions with strangers, as well as the hassle of finding a time and location for exchanging items.


We believe in usership instead of ownership.

We believe in innoative and easy ways of collaboration.

We believe in the power of technology to support sharing.


Place It is our approach to create a simple, meaningful and safe infrastructure to support sharing, allowing it to become part of your everyday life.


Our mission is to reduce consumerism and foster resource efficiency, using public spaces to connect people. While sharing platforms are the marketplace – Place It is the shelve from which you can easily pick your items, so that sharing can evolve beyond apartments and cars.

Who are we


Frederik Haaning

Frederik Haaning

Lead Software Developer

Development & IT-Infrastructure

Magnus Schulz

Magnus Schulz


Management & Planning

Lauge Hedemand

Lauge Hedemand


Marketing & Communication


You’ll be in great company

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